Children in Aman Ghars

The Dil Se Introduction

The Dil se Campaign was launched in June 2005.The Government of Delhi identified the Centre for Equity Studies(CES) as the nodal agency for managing residential homes for street children in allocated government buildings.Since then CES has been coordinating the Dil Se Campaign in managing these residential homes in Delhi and later in Hyderabad.

 Aman Biradari is a well-known social campaign and this is an umbrella campaign for The Dil Se Campaign. (For more general information of Aman Biradari, visit the Homepage

The Centre for Equity Studies (CES) was founded in August 2000.It is an autonomous institution engaged in research and advocacy on issues of social injustice.It seeks to enquire into the nature and causes of social injustice and inequity and to collectively find methods of moving towards a more equitable world.It attempts to influence public policy in favour of people suffering from injustice.

 Our Vision

Dil Se envisons a humane and just society, which is free from hunger, hatred, violence, injustice and every form of depriviation which denies people their social and economic rights; where every person has equitable access to a life of hope and dignity.

Our Mission
To establish a collaboration of caring between governments and citizens to secure the rights, dignity and future of urban homeless people, specially children who live and work on the streets. Dil Se aims at building inclusive, just and caring cities and capacities amongst government and citizens to help ensure that the most vulnerable homeless have access to affordable nutritious food, protection, health care, quality education and after adulthood safe, dignified and just livelihoods.

Our Goals
  • To reach out to the most vulnerable urban homeless and working children and build relations of trust and affection with them
  • To establish voluntary, non custodial, secure homes offering comprehensive residential care to homeless children and addressing their right to Food, Health, Education, Love & Protection
  • To establish a diverse volunteer base of various civil societies & individuals
  • To influence government policy in favor of the urban homeless, and thus achieve large scale, self-replicatable impact.
  • To assist older homeless youth in seeking employment by helping them overcome their traumas and gain skills in marketable vocations
  • To ensure preventive, promotional and curative physical and mental health care of homeless via residentail care in Aman Ghars and the non-residential Health Clinic

Our Projects
What we do through our campaign is to provide educational and medical accesses to homeless people.

Residential Homes : This is a place of love and long term care where children are ensured with all the basic amenities of life in an open non-custodial environment with no conditionality.
Our children are provided education programs and health program by teachers.

We have 3 residential Homes in Delhi :
KILKARI Rainbow Home for girls near KASHMERE GATE
KHUSHI Rainbow Home for girls opposite JEEVAN JYOTI HOSPITAL
UMMEED Aman Ghar for Boys near QUTUB MINAR
 (To learn more about Aman Ghars, view Residential Homes page on the menu)   

Rainbow Academy : A learning center for research, capacity building, advocacy and designing methodologies to ensure scale and impact in interventions with homeless.

Aman Health Clinic : Operatonal since January 2009 in Nizzamudin, New Delhi, this clinic provides easily accessible, free of cost health care with dignity to over 10,000 homeless with the help of a huge network of individual and institutional practitioners.

Shelter for Homeless : We are providing permenant and temporary shelters to homeless and also distributing blankets for them. Circle around the city during the night time to offer blankets for homeless who might be sleeping on the streets without anything to cover.